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August 22, 2009

The Truth Has Been Revealed

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I am the real Akon Homie and my penguin is called Akon Homiecp.

Someone called “Blue Box3” and he is Ameeron’s brother, was roaming around saying he was me and he stole my websites, emails, youtube, and almost everything, by asking for information to use it for the Security Question, anyways…

I’ve got his information and I got everything back from him, if anything happens, he will simply be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for Computer Hacking.

That’s all for now…


May 10, 2009

Content Has Been Removed

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The fake Akon Homie posted a SILLY post here.

Click Here to read the truth about what has happened

January 1, 2009

20,000 + 50,000 Hits Party Information

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Akon Homie reached 20,000 Hits, Hgimvfnu reached 50,000 Hits (Almost)

So there will be a NEW hits party!

The 10,000 Hits Party was a blast. What do you think of this one? It will be the bomb!

Party Banner!


Heres the info if you can’t see above.

When: Saturday, Janurary 10th 2009

Time: 8:00-8:30 AM Penguin Standard Time

Where: Frozen, Dock (We will move around)

Who: Penguin63858087 (Fano Vs Bot) and maybe Akon Homie will be unbanned & Hgimvfnu

AND All of you are invited!


Comment if you want to come to the party.

See you there, Don’t forget to tell your friends and come. Fano Vs Bot aka Penguin63858087 will be there, BIG Crowd time!

See you there!

December 30, 2008

NEW Club Penguin Toys Gary the Gadget Guy

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Akon Homie aka Fano Vs Bot/Penguin63858087 100% credit.

Heard of new toys?
Lazy to check Club Penguin for updates?
We’re always at your service, stay tuned!

1.Gary the Gadget Guy
2.Football player
3.Ballet Penguin
4.Dj Penguin
5.Stage Golden Puffle
6.Super hero\’s
8.Pirate Penguins
9.Royal Penguins

Comment with your ideas if you like the New Club Penguin Toys!

December 24, 2008

10k Hits Party!

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Congrates to the site for achieving 10,000 hits! This calls for a celebration!



If you can not read the banner it says:

When: December 27th
Server: Sleet, starting at the Dock
Time: 10 AM PST
Why: 10,000 hits
Penguin: Vark is now my penguin so I will be using him and I may also use Pie224466 so be on the look out for the big switch 😉

And it also says be there or be square! xP


December 23, 2008

The Site’s First Contest is Now OVER

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Update: Lilguy574 has won and has got his code

Have fun,

Be Ready for Mission 10 Agents!

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The board in the HQ is telling all agents to be ready. In other words, Mission 10 will be out soon.


You can go to the HQ and read the board if you would like to see it your self.

Until then…
Waddle on,

Club Penguin Updated!

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em>Club Penguin has been updated because of two many people doing a multiple login cheat.


I will add on to this post once I get more information.


Log onto Two Penguins at Once!

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Hey Everyone!  Credit to for this post.

I found a really cool gltich today while searching for cheats on!  Here is how to login on 2 penguins using 1 computer.

1. Make sure that no penguins are remembered on your computer. Then open in two seperate windows.


2. On one of your pages you will see a multiple logins detected sign. Click the disney sign and press enter/return twice on your keyboard.


3. Finally click the OK button when Club Penguin gives you the pop-up “Please Type Your Username and Password.” Then type in your username and password and you will be logged into Club Penguin!


Then login on your other Club Penguin page that was not blocked by Multiple Conections and you will be logged in on two different accounts at once. This is a picture of me logged into my 2 accounts at once.


Waddle on,


New Servers on Club Penguin

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Hey Ojoc posting,

Club Penguin have added five more servers. The new servers are Ascent,Northern Lights, Snow Cap, Snow Mobile ans Southern Lights.

Thanks to Jabs19 for helping me find the new servers.

There is a club penguin glitch where the N and S.Lights servers aren’t fully shown.

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